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Martha’s Vineyard – not just for the rich or President Obama

Whenever I use to hear the words Martha’s Vineyard I thought of an exclusive wealthy-only island where people on a budget could never get to. I believed that the island was full folks who took themselves too seriously and were more interested in name dropping at parties rather than taking a load off and enjoying the beach air.

Lesson learned – speculation and stereotypes prevent you from learning new things.

In  June of 2008, I finally hopped on a ferry boat with my husband, then boyfriend, to find out what this town was all about. We took a bus from NYC to Hyannis, MA to board one of the Vineyard ferries. I was excited but hesitant as I did not know what to expect. My only comfort was knowing that if my husband’s family is any proof of the people who frequent Martha’s Vineyard, then I am sure to have a great time.

When we arrived, all I could do was take a deep breath of the fresh ocean air. I noticed families embraced in long hugs and joyful screams. My excitement was increasing. The cheerfulness surrounding me was pumping me up for something. There is a sense of patience and peace when you step onto Martha’s Vineyard. From the sunshine hitting almost every inch, to the pebbled roads, fresh seafood,  and beautiful scenery; you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

For this trip we stayed in the Mansion House Hotel in Vineyard Haven. What a beautiful hotel. My favorite part was the water views from the hotel suite. I didn’t want to leave, but my BF promised that there was more to enjoy outside.

We ate at the Black Dog Restaurant, shopped at quaint boutiques like Alley Cat and picnicked on beaches that were not on the tourist path. I sparked conversations with total strangers about sailing and shopped for fresh lobster at theThe Net Result Fish Market.

For the time that I was on Martha’s Vineyard, I forgot that I was a city girl. I fell in love with casually strolling through town and window shopping and eating ice cream on the beach. I was able to lose my NYC battle stance (if you live in NYC you know the way you have to walk to protect your body) and relax. I realized that Martha’s Vineyard is a down to earth and tranquil place. I went there with expectation that the people would be conceited and unwelcoming only to find kindness and serenity.

From the beaches, fresh seafood, hiking trails, and bike riding; Martha’s vineyard is my new favorite place to vacation. If you’re looking for a new place to spend time outside of the city, I recommend visiting Martha’s Vineyard.

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